Shadow Sight Reviews

"I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sarcastic wit, supernatural beings, a good mystery
and one kick butt heroine."
-Paranormal Romance Guild

"E.J. Stevens did a great job creating a unique Urban Fantasy world with the start of her Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective series."
-Parajunkee's View

"If you’re a fan of mythology or paranormal books, you would enjoy Shadow Sight.
There is an element of romance that begins to develop towards the end (which keeps you wondering what will happen in the next book) to satisfy the paranormal romance fans. But if you’d rather read a mythology-based mystery told from the point of view of a quirky, often sarcastic, main character, then you definitely need to read this book!"
-Flashlight Reader

"Instantly captivating and an absolute must read for adults, E.J's Shadow Sight, the very first in her series, is a must buy and one book readers need to read ASAP! Readers will love E.J's signature humorous writing, her kick-butt protagonist, and one heck of an unpredictable story."
-A Cupcake and a Latte

"I absolutely love the creepies in this book.
If you like strange creatures and quirky-oddball descriptions this is for you."
-Dizzy Izzy Book Reviews

"I love the world of Harborsmouth. It is full of interesting and intriguing supernatural beings who live amongst humans...Also, Stevens has again managed to create characters that I loved. She has this knack for making quirky, endearing characters. Ivy, Jinx, Kaye, Marvin, and Hob are perhaps more addicting than the characters from the Spirit Guide series."
-Reading Lark

"Ivy Granger is a great heroine and Shadows Sight is a book that promises a new series full of all the things I love: Magic, a flawed but tough as nails heroine, with a quirky and loveable bestfriend/sidekick, a Sexy and Magical love interest, all the most interesting and frightening creatures of lore, and some hilarious dialogue...and did I mention Magic? Seriously Why isn't this book on more readers radars?! GET THIS BOOK, the price is great and the fact that there will be more books in this series is such a treat."
-The Artful Dodger

"I quickly found myself enjoying this novel and being caught up in the story...I loved the character Ivy. She has a way of making me laugh out loud."

"This book has it all, unicorns, vampires, trolls, hobs, witches, fae, demons, pixies and much much more.
I really enjoyed reading this book, and look forward to the next one, the teaser at the end of this one did just that."
-The Reading Diaries

"I really enjoyed this book- packed with magic, secrets, and a dramatic action-packed battle against good and evil, all told with an undercurrent of wry humour."
-Always Lost In Stories

"I loved the world-building begun in this book.  The secondary characters, as well as Ivy, are interesting and quirky, too.  The pacing is superb, and my imagination was fully engaged throughout.  E.J. has a real knack for perfectly rendered descriptions and sharp, humorous dialogues."
-Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

"If you enjoy Urban Fantasies, and especially if you’re interested in the fae, you should definitely check out this book."
-Now Is Gone

"I rank this book a 9 ½ amazing read."
-You Know What They Say About Book People

"I really liked Shadow Sight...I recommend this novel for anyone interested in the paranormal or the fantasy realm."
-Book Bite Reviews

"Shadow Sight is a fun, quirky paranormal read that just leaves you wanting more (which is good, since there’s more coming!)."
-The Bawdy Book Blog

"It is a little bit of Kim Harrison, a little bit of Simon R. Green & a little bit of Jim Butcher."
-Ginny Kass

 "If you're looking for a great urban fantasy read and love all things fae and enjoy the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire, then I highly recommend Shadow Sight as a great way to spend a few hours inside the well spun fantastical world crafted by E.J. Stevens"

"Ivy is one of the most interesting characters I've read in quite a while...If you haven't picked up a copy of this book already, DO IT! It's totally worth your while."

"A great start to a new series with a snarky and relatable main character...I will definitely put this series on my auto buy list!"
-A. Sisson

"Shadow Sight is well worth a 5 out of 5 rating. I thought the plot was exciting and beautifully executed, and I loved the array of supernatural characters...I enjoyed it even more than my beloved Hollows series by Kim Harrison."
-My Keeper Shelf

"If you like the Kate Daniels magic series, you'll dig this one!!"

"I love it!...Definitely a refreshing read, and very interesting."
-Read Up A Storm

"I recommend this book and will be reading the next one."

"The main character of the book, Ivy, has something that we all enjoy, she's a feisty girl. The second thing I thought worked very well was the way in which her ability was handled throughout the book. ..the way that Ivy has developed phobias and fears surrounding her ability just seems perfect somehow."

"One word: AMAZING!"

"If you like the Toby Daye series you will love this."

"This was my first E.J. Stevens novel and... WOW. She is the perfect combination of Kim Harrison and Jim Butcher, which is huge considering they are two of my favorite authors."
-My Urban Fantasies

"Enjoyable, well imagined fantasy book that is a good start to a new series."
-Matt Reid

"I like Ivy, and I think many will: she’s smart and sarcastic, with a good heart and a willingness to ignore her own safety to protect those she cares about."
-The Jeep Diva

"I wish there was another book of this caliber it was excellent."

"I am all in with this new series! YES! GIMME MORE!!!"
-Happy Tails and Tales

"great first book in a new series."
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"A mystery blended with a paranormal fantasy novel, Shadow Sight does a fantastic job of keeping the reader excited and following along. I know a book is good when I start reading it faster and faster, and this book had me turning e-pages at a blazing rate."
-Behind the Curtain of Reality

"Ivy Granger is the Bomb!!!! she´s an amazing kick ass heroine and I don´t mean it in the ninja whooping machie kinda way, no, she is in fact the most strong minded, intelligent girl ever, she solves mysteries  that even Sherlock Holmes would have a hard time wrapping his mind around; she is extremely loyal and one tough cookie."
-Book Addict

"If you like Seanan McGuire's October Daye series, you'll definitely enjoy this book."
-Stephanie Loves Books

"E.J. Stevens...if you like paranormal humor, you'll love her stuff. Quirky, fun, and witty."
-Terry Maggert, author of The Fearless series

"This book reminded me why I love urban fantasies."

-The Reader's Hollow

"An Awesome ride."
-Books of Love

"As I followed Ivy through the case, building her army of misfits, I started to figure out, “Oh shit, this is going to be huge!”  When the final scene starts to unfold, I was glued to my spot, listening intently as the battle began!  Shadow Sight was a great start to a new series that I look forward to reading, or shall I say listening to!"
-Paranormaly Yours

Blood and Mistletoe Reviews

"Fantastic read!"
-Rabid Reads

"This is a series I think most paranormal fans are going to love. Of course you can't have one without the other though, so read book one first."
-Freda's Voice

"This book is a novella, but Stevens puts in a lot of action...if you like urban fantasy, especially with very realistic depictions of the fae, you really need to read E.J. Stevens’ Ivy Granger series."
-Now Is Gone

"Amazing novella!"

"I really enjoyed the novella and recommend it...good amount of action, mystery and suspense."

"I highly recommend anyone who enjoys an irreverent heroine with a spunky sidekick, a hunky fellow and a nice supernatural mystery, to pick up this series, you won't regret it."
-Paranormal Romance Guild

"A great holiday mystery!"

"A strong heroine, holiday themed murders, and a hot Kelpie king - this is exactly what was on my reading wish list for the holiday season. Snag this for your e-reader, curl up with some eggnog or hot chocolate, and lose yourself in the world of Harborsmouth, Maine."
-Reading Lark

"Stevens' has done a fantastic job with bringing her world to us."
-Urban Fantasy Investigations

"I recommend treating yourself or a friend to this volume to celebrate the holidays!"
-Wren Doloro

"It was its own concise story but with the wonderful characters we met and fell in love with from Shadow Sight. Can't wait for more!"

"I am looking forward to more keep 'em coming !!!!"

"this was a great book, plots and twists and mayhem all around."

"As always Ivy was a fantastic main character who is always able to keep me chuckling and always kicking butt everywhere she goes. I love how much of a strong character she is. I also loved how creepy everything felt due to the fact that it was holiday themed...a very nice addition to the Ivy Granger series."
-Book Bite Reviews

"This novella was entirely funny and great, and it has the signature “Ivy Granger snark” that I came to love so much in the first novel, Shadow Sight."
-The Bawdy Book Blog

"Ivy granger is a character that gets you coming back for more of her story."

"Our favorite snarky psychic detective is back! Blood and Mistletoe is fast paced, full of action and mystery."
-My Urban Fantasies

"5 Emotionally, mistletoe-loving, creeptastic PAWS!"
-Happy Tails and Tales

"Filled with exciting action and the compelling tastes of mystery flavored with the spice of folklore given Stevens' signature twist, the plotline kept me reading until the end and made me immediately wish for more to read."
-Behind the Curtain of Reality

"The Ivy Granger series just keeps getting better!"
-Mad Hatter Reads

"A perfect fast paced short story filled with enough action, and suspense to keep you on your toes.

E.J. Stevens has created another brilliant story in the Ivy Granger series, her characters are easy to connect with and her plot intricate. I highly suggest anyone who likes an entertaining paranormal mystery should check it out. It’s also a series that I know teens as well as adults will enjoy reading."
-The Reading Diaries

"This is another great addition to the Ivy Granger, Psychic Detective series."
-Sappyria's Book Reviews

"I was pretty amused and sometimes surprised by this little book. I will definitely be continuing my Ivy Granger adventures with the other books in the series."
"(Audiobook Review) Narration: Our narrators, Melanie Mason and David Brown, were both excellent. Mason was a perfect fit for Ivy Granger. I also loved her near-purring voice for luscious Jinx. Brown was an excellent near-evil demon attorney (Forneus). He also had some great voices for the other baddies we come upon."
-Dab of Darkness

"This was an amazingly good audiobook. E.J. STEVENS did a terrific job writing this. I loved the duel narration... I’m looking forward to listening to more in this series. This one is up there amongst my favorite fantasy audiobooks if not my new favorite.

MELANIE A. MASON and DAVID WILSON BROWN did an exceptional job narrating this audiobook. I loved their characters and the duel narration.  They worked really well together and made this a really nice audio experience. I would definitely recommend checking this one out."
-Sixth Dimension Audiobook Reviews

Ghost Light Reviews

"Another brilliant installment of the Ivy Granger series."
-My Urban Fantasies

"The supernatural world of Harborsmouth is so well built by Ms. Stevens, there are times I find myself tempted to do a Google search so I can go visit."

"I love being told a good story and they just don’t get any better than this. There is romance, action, mystery, plenty of things that go bump in the night, all told with humor and style."
-Paranormal Romance Guild

"Stevens continues to impress with Ghost Light, the second full novel in the Ivy Granger series.  If she continues in this vein, her work may stand among the paranormal fantasy greats."
-Behind the Curtain of Reality

"[Ghost Light] was a fun and enjoyable read that grabbed the potential shown in the first book and ran with it. Want a clever, fun and unique Urban Fantasy? This is the series to check out."
-Jeep Diva

 "Being back in Ivy Granger's world was a nice treat.

Stevens has done a great job in coming up with this world and all the creatures that go with it as well as their lore and their interactions between each type of Fae...All in all this was a nice addition to the series and I'm looking forward to reading the next book and finding out more about Ivy and her heritage."
-Unraveling Words

"I really enjoyed this book—I've really enjoyed this whole series—and can recommend the book, and series, to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy, and books that treat the Sidhe in a more realistic manner."
-Now Is Gone

"Ivy Granger is back and better than ever in the second full-length installment of this amazing urban fantasy series by E.J. Stevens.

Stevens continues to impress me with her ability to make each book better than the last. With Ghost Light, she takes new risks and they pay off in a big way. It’s an exceptional story and I loved every second of it."
-Twilight Sleep

"Stevens is really hitting her stride in the Ivy Granger series, delivering a compelling mystery that’s full of spunk and a paranormal twist to boot.

Overall, this is one of the best indie series you could possibly read right now, and if you don’t have it on your TBR, I think I might just disown you!"
-The Bawdy Book Blog

"The Ivy Granger series is an entertaining Urban Fantasy that keeps it clean aside from ghoul guts it’s one I can see teens as well as adults falling in love with...If you love Urban Fantasy I suggest you check it out. "
-The Reading Diaries

"I loved Shadow Sight the first installment in E.J. Steven's Ivy Granger series, I remember getting good book vibes right from the very first chapter so I was really looking forward to diving back into Ivy's world in Ghost Light. Even with a fantastic first book there's always a little part of me wondering if  the second book will meet my lofty expectations but I needn't have worried as Ghost Light was another 5 star read.

If you're a fan of Kim Harrison or Patrica Briggs kind of Urban Fantasy then you will love the Ivy Granger series. Go on give it a go!"
-My Keeper Shelf

"Ghost Light was a fun read with humor, suspense, and romance. I can't wait for Ivy's story to continue."
-Reading Lark

"Ivy Granger kicked butt again in this action-packed, adventure-filled story."
-Freda's Voice

"Ghost Light is an excellent read and this Urban Fantasy series needs to be on your TBR and shelves!"
-Mad Hatter Reads

"I'm so in love with this series!...Seriously, you are missing out if you haven't read this series!...5 EXCEPTIONALLY MAGNIFICENT PAWS!!!"
-Happy Tails and Tales

"E.J. Stevens' writing grabs a hold of me and keeps me engaged with every word written...I totally recommend this book for people who love a good paranormal, romance, suspense, thrill ride of a book. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and turning the page to find out what is going to happen next."
-Enchanting Reads

"The Ivy Granger series just keeps getting better with every book!"
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"This is the highly anticipated 2nd book in the Ivy Granger series, and I’ve got to tell you that I enjoyed it even more than the first... This race-the-clock paranormal mystery romance surprised me with the depth of emotion it inspired within me."
-Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

"Only gets better!"

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Ivy Granger Series is fantastic! Ghost Light was a great second book...The plot was ingenious and really pulled on your heartstrings...Paranormal fans if you haven't picked up this series yet, what is wrong with you?"
-Book Bite Reviews

"The snarky comments and fae action make this a fun urban fantasy read."
-vvb Reads

"Can Ivy figure out how ghost’s are appearing live, find the missing fae children, and learn the truth about her father all before she gets herself killed??  What a ride I had finding out! ...I can’t hold my excitement in for this awesome new series that has been bestowed upon me!"

"Narrator Review:  Traci Odom returns!  YES!  I love Traci :)  She has a firm, no nonsense voice when narrating, but when it comes to her character voices, she completely transforms!  Traci is a delight to listen to, and truly brings the story to life!"
-Paranormaly Yours

Club Nexus Reviews

"Even though this is a short story, it reads like an extra fast, incredibly action packed novel...this is one of the coolest books ever."
-Happy Tails and Tales

"Fans of the series, you won't want to miss this. Urban Fantasy fans, you need to check out Ivy Granger and this series."
-Now is Gone

"I read Club Nexus today and loved it, it got 5stars from me.  Anyone who hasn't read the Ivy Granger series you're missing out big time on a really special series and club nexus is no exception."
-Karen Dennis

"I loved this book...Great Rashomonesque Story."
-Abra Sonnanstine

"A perfect lead-in to Burning Bright. Experience the romance, humor, and danger at Club Nexus!"
-Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

"I really enjoyed Club Nexus...I was easily drawn into the world of Ivy Granger, and even though she's only in these as a secondary character, the short stories are great."
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

Burning Bright Reviews

"Another amazing installment in the Ivy Granger series!"
-Twilight Sleep

"This book is awesome... If you haven't started reading this series I highly recommend it. E.J Stevens is now one of my favorite authors and I can't wait for book four!!!"

"I really like this series. The characters are likable and the romance between Ivy and Ceff is straightforward (well for a fae and Kelpie!.)"

"While Ms. Stevens is known for mixing humor with serious subjects with well-rounded characters...Burning Bright has all that but is an edgier, darker story, with hints of more the same to come.  You’ll note there are none of my niggles in this review, there wasn’t a thing I would ask to be changed.  I was well pleased, a little exhausted and just a tad surprised when I finished the book.
A story well told, what more could a reader ask for?"
-Paranormal Romance Guild

"This is a fun urban fantasy...What I have come to see as Stevens' humor and deft mixing of action, tension and character are all present in this story, with familiar and new supernaturals making appearances all adding to the richness of the world created."
-The Jeep Diva

"Another, fun summer read to add to your list."
-VVB Reads

"E.J. continues to entertain and astonish with her imaginative world-building."
-Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

"Another action-packed installment of the Ivy Granger series."
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"[Ivy Granger] is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy characters right along with Mercy Thompson they are my top two...I love the way the author has taken the private investigator concept and put her own unique twist creating a captivating new series."
-The Reading Diaries

"One of the best damn books I've read, EVER! This one is action packed and full of mystery, as well as finally getting a glimpse into some romance for Ivy and Ceff. And hot damn if there are some majorly AWESOME fight scenes."
-Happy Tails and Tales

"I absolutely love this series! Burning Bright is my favorite book so far...As with the rest of the series, strict urban fantasy readers have nothing to fear. Burning Bright does have a couple sexy scenes, but Ivy being a kick ass heroine is still the primary focus. Simply spectacular!!!"
-My Urban Fantasies

"Burning Bright is my favorite book so far in this series...I was completely enthralled by it. It was packed full of action and had me hooked from page one."
-Book Bite Reviews

Hunting in Bruges Reviews

"I could not put this book down. I flat out loved it! ...This book is full of action, deaths, supernatural creatures, and is perfect for the adult urban fantasy fan, and I for one, can’t wait for the next installment."
-Rabid Reads

"Hunting in Bruges has everything a great Urban Fantasy should, a kick ass heroine, a lovable hot guy, plenty of different supernatural beings and a fast paced story line. ...I absolutely loved this book!! ...From the superbly written characters to the fascinating setting, Hunting in Bruges is a must read."
-Book Lover's Life

"I loved Hunting in Bruges. It was well-written, easy-to-read, and fast-paced."
-TNT Reviews

"5 STARS. A creepy, oppressive atmosphere prevails throughout the entire book. This Gothic malevolence was the perfect backdrop for Jenna's exploits; traversing the city of Bruges attempting to find out who or what is carrying out an escalating murder spree."
-Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews

"This was a great start to a new series....A unique paranormal story. One that I thoroughly enjoyed."
-Freda's Voice

"This is a well-crafted and fun urban fantasy, keeping the spirit and humor found in the Ivy Granger series yet giving us new characters and obstacles to overcome. ...If you are looking for something that is unique, well-written and a fun escape read: this is the story for you!"
-The Jeep Diva

 "I have to say the story it was very well written and it was a very good easy read. I give this book 4 fangs!!!!!"
-Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock

"This one is fast paced, full of mystery, some shocking discoveries, and some very well written characters. ...[Jenna] is full of brave, kick ass, heroine action that will keep you on your seat, and this is her first major story."
-Happy Tails and Tales

"This new storyline in the world of Ivy Granger is dynamic and engaging.  Everything about the Hunting in Bruges pulls the reader in and will keep him/her completely engrossed.  I highly recommend Hunting in Bruges for those who have enjoyed all of the Ivy Granger books."
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"Jenna Lehane. Hunter. Protector of the innocent. All-around bad ass. ...An amazing new series by E.J. Stevens!"
-My Urban Fantasies

 "Hunting in Bruges is a terrific start to the series, and truly reads as such. It plays the part of set-up, captures interest, and provides countless wonderful promises of what is to come."
-Candid Book Addict

 "Jenna is definitely one to add to my list of kick-ass fiction heroines. If you like the Ivy Granger series, then you will like this one too as it takes you into another aspect and perspective of that paranormal world."
-VVB Reads 

"I absolutely recommend checking out Hunting In Bruges if you like richly detailed urban fantasies set in historic locations....I really enjoyed this book. The characters are fantastic and I particular liked the main character Jenna, a young woman who kicks butt and takes names and will release holy hell on anyone who hurts innocents. The world building is richly detailed and the plot flowed really well. I was completely hooked early on and just couldn’t put the book down, finding myself eating lunch with one hand and drinking my coffee with my eyes glued to the page as everything unfolded."
-Book and Coffee Addict


"Birthright is a definite must read."
-My Urban Fantasies

"There are lies, secrets, surprises, and betrayals...I really enjoyed this book."
-The Paranormal Romance Guild

"This must-read urban fantasy series is entertaining and fun! ...Ivy continues to be a supremely likable kick-ass heroine."
-Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews

"The writing is strong, the characters are genuine, and the action is fast and furious. ...A good series for urban fantasy fans."
-If You Only Knew

"This one is magical... Amazing! 5 PAWS!!!!"
-Happy Tails and Tales

"Hell hath no fury like an irate wisp princess. Birthright is another action-packed installment of the Ivy Granger series. Again, E.J. weaves her literary magic and creates an amazing addition to Ivy Granger's world."
-Sapphyria's Book Reviews

"This author certainly knows how to keep the reader on her/his toes! These books are always well written... Highly recommended to adult urban fantasy/fantasy fans!"
-Rabid Reads

Praise for Hound's Bite

"The Ivy Granger Books are a blast, fast paced, full of action and just the right twists of humor. HOUND'S BITE is absolutely no exception. I'll do you one better, HOUND'S BITE shows the continuing evolution of author E.J. Stevens into a force to be reckoned with in the Urban Fantasy genre. She holds her own with the likes of Delilah S. Dawson, and Faith Hunter. I'm looking forward to book six!"
- James A. Moore, author of the Seven Forges series

"This tale kept me entertained and engaged from the first scene to the last paragraph. ...I have truly been impressed with the quality material that percolates from the amazing imagination of EJ Stevens. I have watched as her technical proficiency and story creation has progressed throughout her career. I am always excited to read the latest adventure - this book blew me away!"
- Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews